Why We Love Factory Shops!

So, you’re just like me, always looking for a good deal and you’re sick of paying full retail price for things that aren’t even worth that much. I know, right? But what can we do? Well, let me tell you. The answer is factory shops!

 Factory shops are where manufacturers sell their goods to stores directly and they pass on the savings to you. And guess what? The products at these stores is usually no less than 20% and up to 72% cheaper than if you were to go buy it at your local retail store. Factory shops are constantly trying to get rid of some of their older stock, you can catch some big discounts on items.

You can always count on factory shops to have promotions and sales going on. For example, they might run “2 for the price of one” promotions or “buy 1 get the 2nd 50% off” promos during the colder months. You’ll also find sales toward the end of the year too, so be sure to grab them up!

Factory shops are perfect for consumers who want to save money on the things they buy. Factory shops are where you can get great deals on quality items, and they’re not hard to find! If you’re looking for a new stylish dress or a lovely top for every occasion, check out your local Cape Town factory shop.

The benefits of shopping at factory shops:

-You can find items that are name brand and everything from dresses, tops and skirts to pants and shoes!

-The prices are typically lower than retail stores, because factory shops allow manufacturers to bypass intermediaries resulting in the products costing less!

For example, if your friend absolutely loves the new dress that she picked up from the local mall, she might be willing to pay full price for them, perhaps even more than the retail price. If you were also eyeing the same dress but didn’t have the money to pay full price, you could always wait a few months to see if they go on sale in one of the many factory shops that are now ubiquitous around shopping malls and cities. This saves you money while still allowing you to get the dress you love!

-Many people prefer to shop at factory shops because of the savings they can make on almost everything they buy.

-You also have the option of shopping online or in person!

An example of this is the factory shop ‘Corinium Clothinglocated in Parow. They have their own website which allows customers to buy online and this caters for the people who are unable to visit the bricks-and-mortar location.

The benefits of factory shops are numerous, You’ll never know what you can find in a factory shop until you go out there and look! 

Happy Shopping!

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